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TV Grabber Downloads

TV Grabber v3.07 - 1/6/2024. Added a renamer plugin for renaming TV shows and optionally downloading subtitles for shows without ones embedded already. It will also rename movies that have all hex filenames to their parent folder's name.
TV Grabber v3.06 - 8/20/2023. Added support for the EZTV torrents site.
TV Grabber v3.05 - 6/29/2023. Added Manual Search option. Good for movies, one-off specials, sports, etc.
TV Grabber v3.04 - 6/10/2023. Removed RARBG due to it going down, added The Pirate Bay.
TV Grabber v3.03 - 4/9/2023. Added option to download entire series in one go instead of manually adding seasons.
TV Grabber v3.02 - 2/9/2023. Added NZBGet, Deluge, and qBittorrent integrations with auto retry on download failure.
TV Grabber v3.01 - 6/15/2022. Added option to avoid HDR files (for TVs/monitors/software/etc. that don't support them.)
TV Grabber v3.00 BETA - 1/20/2022. New version, now provides a web-based interface instead of a Windows GUI which will allow TV Grabber to be ported to Linux as well.
TV Grabber v2.08 - 2/14/2021. Added the ability to ignore certain shows, for example if they have a similar title to a show you watch and is being misdetected. Added options for 2160p resolution and to only download HEVC files. Misc. bugfixes.
TV Grabber v2.06 - 11/29/2018. Added support for RARBG (via
TV Grabber v2.04 - 8/13/2017. Fix for change to TVMaze's feed format.
TV Grabber v2.03 - 12/5/2016. More fine-grained resolution control and per-series settings.
TV Grabber v2.02 - 5/17/2016. Adds support for KickAssTorrents.
TV Grabber v2.00 - 1/7/2016. This new version changes the way that TV Grabber works, instead of manually adding/updating shows you just enter the URL of your custom show list from,, or
TV Grabber v1.12 - 12/13/2012. Added scheduler to control when automatic scans will be performed.
TV Grabber v1.11 - 12/9/2012. Added,,, Womble's NZB Index, and support. As always contact us if you want other sites supported. Removed NZBMatrix and Newzbin2 plugins since they shut down.
TV Grabber v1.10 - 9/17/2012. Update to the NZBIndex plugin.
TV Grabber v1.09 - 3/7/2012. Slight change to the NZBMatrix plugin to fix 720p downloads.
TV Grabber v1.08 - 2/13/2012. Updated the Newzbin plugin for Newzbin's new URL.
TV Grabber v1.07 - 10/31/2011. Bug fixes.
TV Grabber v1.05 - 11/19/2010. A few more improvements and I added a "Check for updates" function in the Help menu.
TV Grabber v1.04 - 11/14/2010. Updates to work with NZBMatrix's new search code.
TV Grabber v1.03 - 10/25/2010.
TV Grabber v1.02 - 10/09/2010. General bug fixes, added Pause mode for shows.
TV Grabber v1.01 - 08/09/2010. First public release.

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