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TV Grabber Downloads

TV Grabber v3.06 - 8/20/2023. Added support for the EZTV torrents site.
TV Grabber v3.05 - 6/29/2023. Added Manual Search option. Good for movies, one-off specials, sports, etc.
TV Grabber v3.04 - 6/10/2023. Removed RARBG due to it going down, added The Pirate Bay.
TV Grabber v3.03 - 4/9/2023. Added option to download entire series in one go instead of manually adding seasons.
TV Grabber v3.02 - 2/9/2023. Added NZBGet, Deluge, and qBittorrent integrations with auto retry on download failure.
TV Grabber v3.01 - 6/15/2022. Added option to avoid HDR files (for TVs/monitors/software/etc. that don't support them.)
TV Grabber v3.00 BETA - 1/20/2022. New version, now provides a web-based interface instead of a Windows GUI which will allow TV Grabber to be ported to Linux as well.
TV Grabber v2.08 - 2/14/2021. Added the ability to ignore certain shows, for example if they have a similar title to a show you watch and is being misdetected. Added options for 2160p resolution and to only download HEVC files. Misc. bugfixes.
TV Grabber v2.06 - 11/29/2018. Added support for RARBG (via
TV Grabber v2.04 - 8/13/2017. Fix for change to TVMaze's feed format.
TV Grabber v2.03 - 12/5/2016. More fine-grained resolution control and per-series settings.
TV Grabber v2.02 - 5/17/2016. Adds support for KickAssTorrents.
TV Grabber v2.00 - 1/7/2016. This new version changes the way that TV Grabber works, instead of manually adding/updating shows you just enter the URL of your custom show list from,, or
TV Grabber v1.12 - 12/13/2012. Added scheduler to control when automatic scans will be performed.
TV Grabber v1.11 - 12/9/2012. Added,,, Womble's NZB Index, and support. As always contact us if you want other sites supported. Removed NZBMatrix and Newzbin2 plugins since they shut down.
TV Grabber v1.10 - 9/17/2012. Update to the NZBIndex plugin.
TV Grabber v1.09 - 3/7/2012. Slight change to the NZBMatrix plugin to fix 720p downloads.
TV Grabber v1.08 - 2/13/2012. Updated the Newzbin plugin for Newzbin's new URL.
TV Grabber v1.07 - 10/31/2011. Bug fixes.
TV Grabber v1.05 - 11/19/2010. A few more improvements and I added a "Check for updates" function in the Help menu.
TV Grabber v1.04 - 11/14/2010. Updates to work with NZBMatrix's new search code.
TV Grabber v1.03 - 10/25/2010.
TV Grabber v1.02 - 10/09/2010. General bug fixes, added Pause mode for shows.
TV Grabber v1.01 - 08/09/2010. First public release.

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